Literature Search
and Article Retrieval Service
for the Social Sciences                                           
Rachel M. MacNair, Ph.D.          Telephone: (816)753-2057               E-mail:

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$75.00 per hour on tab (rounded to the next quarter-hour)

$65.00 for one hour if paid in advance. The most common procedure is to set an hour for the search, after which
time we can ascertain if there's much more to do or if we've been as thorough as the topic will allow.

$112.50 per hour rush job rate

plus expenses
- fees charged for articles, if any

For telephone phone appointments, the clock starts at the time of the appointment, and a minimum of a quarter-hour
is charged for a missed appointment.

                                                                  Payment Options

For speedy payments:

To use a credit card, go to, select the "Send Money" tab, and follow directions.

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Make check payable to Rachel MacNair and send to:

Rachel M. MacNair,  Ph.D.                                           
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